Yak 54

Yak 54

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This kit comes with the very best components for 3D Practice.  As with most of our kits, the Yak 54 is set up for dual aileron servos.  This will allow you to mix the ailerons as needed for flaperon control and differential.  It is strongly recommended that you use a computer radio with the ability to set dual rates and exponential.  With the full flying stab and 70+ degrees of elevator travel, exponential makes flying a lot more fun. 

Kit contents: Complete Yak 54 airframe, precut and glue ready (your choice of the standard un-painted airframe or the Deluxe pre-printed airframe for a few dollars more).  Printed instruction booklet.


Wing Span: 37",

Wing area 360 sq. in.,

Weight ready to fly 13 oz.,

 Wing loading 5 oz per sq. ft.

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