Vrolet - F3P V3

Vrolet - F3P V3

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The new V3 vrolet is here!  Designer and Champion pilot, Jason Noll continues to improve his legendary design.  V3 changes include two new color schemes, aerodynamic and structural changes to improve overall flight presentation. 

This kit is perfect for F3P pattern practice or competition.  It is comes with the revolutionary "Noll CV" drag plates for constant velocity in all attitudes.  The graphics only add 5 grams (.2 oz) to the weight of the plane.  If you are ready to take precision aerobatics indoors, this is your plane!  The F3P cost a little more than the Freestyle Vrolet due to the additional cutting time and foam cost.

Kit Contents:  Complete Vrolet F3P kit precut and glue ready.  Printed instruction booklet. Comes with over 25 feet of carbon fiber strips and pushrods, laser cut plywood control horns, hinge tape, landing gear with wheels, plywood firewall. 


Wing Span: 33", Wing area 425 sq. in.  Weight ready to fly 5.5 to 6.5 oz.  

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