Sukhoi 29S - 2,2m Blau Classic

Sukhoi 29S - 2,2m Blau Classic

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Wing Span: cm 218
Lenght w. spinner: cm 212
Wing Area: 92 dm2
Weight: 8.5 Kg RTF dry

power set up:
Engine: 50/60 cc Gasoline

Recommended radio equipment:
Minimum 6-ch radio system 
3 digital servos Metal Gear,( JR PROPO DS 8911 -aile. and rudder)
2 digital servos Metal Gear, (JR PROPO DS 8411 - elevators)
1 digital servos standard, (JR PROPO DS 8301 for throttle)

We recommend to install the Power Box EVOLUTION 40/16 system

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