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GP (Great Power) Model Engines are designed by Fergus(Fergie) Lin. Fergus Lin is a highly experienced pilot from Asia who has participated in several international model aircraft competitions such as Futaba XFC and F-3A world cup. Fergus began flying when he was 6 years old, and was taught by his father Masa Lin who is also a very experienced modeler, with over 43 years experience in aero modelling. This father and son combination has proudly won every competition in Taiwan.
All the major components of GP engines are manufactured in Taiwan, Our piston, ring and cylinder are made in the same factories used by Rotax, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. Because of this we are certain that our quality and performance will be as good as if not better then German or American made engine.
GP engines are built and designed by pilots, for pilots. We know exactly what pilots need.


GP-61 499 €
GP-88 consultar
GP-123 899 €
GP-176 consultar

Para las versiones EVO consultar precios.



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